19 June 2017

How to Split Your Rent


When you’re sharing an apartment with a roommate/roommates and you all get rooms that are equal in size and desirability and you all share the common space equally, splitting the rent and the bills aren't that complicated. Most of the time, the rent is just divided by the number of roommates and everyone pays the same amount. However, when you end up renting a space where the rooms aren’t all the same size or one is more desirable in some way (has better windows/view, has an awesome closet, has a private bathroom, and so on…) it’s not so easy.

Often, when you rent an apartment that has more than one bedroom, there will be at least one larger “master” bedroom. Sometimes, the biggest bedroom even has the benefit of having a private on-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. If you’re in a renting a place where this is the case, here’s some suggestions for dividing the rent in a way that’s fair:
·       Divide the square footage - To get an accurate breakdown, take the square footage of each bedroom and divide by the total square footage of the apartment. This gives you the percentage of space each room occupies. Take each individual percentage and apply it to the total cost of rent. This breaks down the cost per percentage of total space occupied.
·       Leave It To A Rent Calculating Tool. If you and the roomies aren’t fans of math, there’s also an easier way — aonline rent calculator. There are plenty of good ones available on the web (and yes, they work even when space isn’t divided evenly). Some of the popular ones are : RoomieCalc.comSplitWise.com, and Spliddit.com.

·       Take the “Perks” approach - What exactly do you get with your room? For instance, do you have a private bathroom? That’ll be extra. Assign a cost to each amenity or “extra” and tack it onto an evenly divided room price. (Tip: Closet space, windows, balconies, etc. are also perks to consider.)
·       Consider per-person calculations - Think about your daily habits: how much water you use, how often you switch the light on/off, etc. Now double it. Therein lies the logic behind splitting on a per person basis. If you rent a room to a single occupant, you can expect a certain usage of energy. But rent out the same space to two people, and you can expect expenses to increase. You can also expect a heightened degree of wear and tear, plus storage space in common areas (refrigerator shelves, anyone?) to decrease.
Finally, Write it all down

To guard against future roommate pricing disputes, get it down in writing and make copies for each tenant. A roommate agreement is a stellar way to get your details on file so you’re not left wondering the terms in the future.

29 May 2017

Live In Red Deer’s Finest Location - Southwood Park


Two Blocks Off Gaetz, Down By The River

Southwood Park Townhomes are ideally located in south Red Deer just minutes from many incredible shops, services and amenities just off the main city thoroughfare Gaetz Avenue. These spacious family homes are nestled in a beautiful park-like setting of mature trees and just a few blocks from a woodland ravine by a tranquil stream course. Nearby shopping centers and major retailers include the popular West Park Shopping Centre, plus Rona and Canadian Tire outlets.

Walk To School

George Wilbert Smith School and Mountview School are within an easy walking distance from your home which is a huge benefit for families with young children. Southwood Park also has quick easy access to Kin Kanyon Park and miles of paved walking trails that wind throughout the city. There is also a network of tree-lined trails for those enjoying day hikes or off road cycling.  

Better Homes For Your Growing Family

Southwood Park offers two and three bedroom layouts ranging from 962 to 1102 sq.ft. Designs feature three levels of living space and include one and a half bathrooms. All suites have been upgraded with new linoleum & carpeting. Kitchen cupboards have been refaced with oak doors and bathrooms have been renovated with new bathtubs, tub surrounds, and vanities. Outdoors, families enjoy spacious fenced yards with concrete patios. The development’s common grounds are very well maintained and heavily covered with mature trees, gardens and manicured lawns. There is also a playground and some recreational space for young families. To ensure the safety, integrity, and cleanliness of the development and its suites pets are not allowed in Southwood Park.

Southwood Park is developed, leased and maintained by MHA Properties. Other great features of these homes include full basements, fenced yards, and one powered parking stall. If that isn’t enough to move you, we have some incredible incentives right now that may help you live better in these superb homes!

 Save up to $2800 on a 12-month lease which includes:
  •          One month Free rent
  •          Free Telus internet, TV & PVR
  •          Reduced security deposit $395
  •         Laundry Package   

This great offer won’t last forever! Visit our website to request a viewing today!